Q. What is a detailer?

A. Detailing products, such as Auto Finish Speed Shine Detailer, perfect and maintain the appearance of your vehicle after washes.  Detailers are usually spray products that you simply spray over the vehicle and then buff off.  Detailing products have the advantage of offering extra gloss with minimum effort and can be used to remove water spots left from regular washing.  Detailing can also be used to minimise the need for frequent washing.

Q. How often should I wash my car?

A.  Regular washing and maintenance of your car is essential.  You should try to wash your car every week, taking care to clean the interior too.

 Q. Does your  Speed Shine Detailer contain silicone?

A. Yes our Speed Shine Detailer contains silicone for the ultimate shine.

Q. My paintwork is metallic and has light scratches, which of your products would you recommend?

A. Auto Finish Rapid Color Restorer is suitable for all paint finishes including metallics and pearlescents.  Always test in a small, inconspicuous area first.

Q. Is it safe to use Auto Finish Rapid Color Restorer on glass?

A. No, Auto Finish Rapid Color Restorer isn’t suitable for application on glass or mirrors. We would advise you use our Auto Finish Crystal Glass Polish or Auto Finish Crystal Clear Glass.  Both are specifically formulated for glass and mirrors.

Q. I’ve just washed my car and swirl marks are apparent on the paintwork, how can I remove them?

A.  Auto Finish Rapid Color Restorer will help restore the original colour and lustre to vehicle paintwork, removing swirl marks, oxidation, scratches, ingrained road grime, tar spots and baked on insects.  Auto Finish Rapid Color Restorer helps restore the depth of shine and colour, and reperfects paintwork.

Q.  Why do car companies advise against using washing up liquid to wash your car?

A.  Using household washing up liquid and detergents to clean your car can strip away wax, leaving paintwork exposed to harmful UV rays and environmental factors that can damage paintwork.  Always wash your car with a good quality car shampoo, such as Auto Finish Advanced Wash & Wax.  Try to polish your car every 2/3 months to preserve the paintwork.