Q. I want to clean my leather upholstery, will soapy water be ok?
A. Using soapy water on leather upholstery will, in time, dry out the leather and cause it to crack. Use a specialist leather upholstery cleaner, such as Auto Finish Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. Using Auto Finish Leather Cleaner & Conditioner will clean all surface dirt and help nourish and condition the leather, keeping it soft and supple.

Q.  We have recently bought a second hand car and would like to valet the interior to freshen it up, which products would you recommend I use?

A.  We would recommend you start by vacuuming the inside of the car, including seats (if fabric).  Use our Auto Finish Textile Interior Valet to lift and remove dirt and grime.  This can be used on all areas of upholstery interior trim, including roof linings.  For leather seats use Auto Finish Leather Cleaner & Conditioner to clean, nourish and protect seats.  Finish off with Auto Finish Refresh Odour Neutraliser, a simple yet effective spray that helps combat nasty odours and keep your interior smelling fresh for longer.

Q.  I recently smoked in my car and now can’t get rid of the smell, can you advise anything that will mask or get rid of the smell of smoke?  I also have two dogs that regularly get in the car; do you have a product that will mask damp dog odours too?

A. To mask the smell of smoke, pets and damp try Auto Finish Refresh Odour Neutraliser.  Simply spray in the air of the interior of your car for a long lasting, fresh fragrance.  For heavily soiled seats you may need to use Auto Finish Textile Interior Valet.  This will lift dirt and grime effortlessly, whilst helping combat odours such as tobacco and pets.  This too will leave a pleasant, fresh fragrance.

Q. My children have left chocolate stains on the back seats of my car, they’re fabric seats, can you suggest anything to remove these?

A. Auto Finish Textile Interior Valet is ideal for spot stain removal.  Simply spray the product directly on to the stained area and whilst dry work in to the fabric with a sponge or soft brush.  Wipe over the cleaned area with a clean, wet cloth.  Allow to dry and repeat if necessary.