Q. How often should I polish my car?

A. Using a good quality polish, such as Auto Finish Advanced Resin Polish should protect your paintwork for up to 3-4 months. Whilst this may vary depending on the age of the car, weather etc., maintaining the car once polished should enhance and prolong the length of time the polish lasts.

Q. I have been using your Auto Finish Advanced Resin Polish but it has hazed and dried before I have buffed it off and has left white patches on the paintwork, how can I remove this? A. Re-apply a small amount of polish to the affected areas and buff off whilst still wet, this should remove the dry polish. Continue polishing as normal ensuring polish is buffed off before it has dried. Make sure you work on small areas at a time to avoid the polish from drying.

Q. I’ve heard UV rays from the sun can harm and fade paintwork, is this true?
A. Yes, UV rays from the sun are the most common cause of paintwork fading. Use Auto Finish Rapid Color Restorer to help restore colour if fading has already occurred. You can protect your car’s paintwork from harmful UV rays by using a good polish such as Auto Finish Advanced Resin Polish and then applying a sealer such as Auto Finish Mirror Gloss Sealant. Using both a good polish and sealant can protect your paintwork for up to 12 months.

Q. I wash my car regularly, but often find that once it has dried large white spots are left on the glass and paintwork. How can I remove them, they are quite stubborn, and how can I prevent them?
A. The most common and probable cause of these is hard water spots. To remove these use our Auto Finish Advanced Resin Polish, apply working on a small section at a time and buff off to a high gloss finish. To prevent them dry the car fully after washing with a premium Microfibre Cloth, such as the Auto Finish Premium Microfibre Cloth. Work from the top down to the sills and ensure all the water has been removed. Any impurities from the water should be removed by doing this.