I have always been interested in cars, from being a small child playing with Matchbox & Corgi toy cars at home, to buying my first ‘dream’ car, a Renault 5 Gordini !
What a stunner !

Nowadays I am lucky enough to have a car that I can gain pleasure from whilst working – totally indulgent I know, but life’s too short !

The Lotus Exige is a relatively standard version of a track car which is road legal. The tyres and brakes are all racing versions, and the appearance is, well, distinctive…….

To say the car turns heads would be an understatement. Drive it along a road in a busy town centre and people stop in their tracks – Not bad for such a pocket rocket !!

I have just started using Autofinish products to keep the car looking spic & spam.

Really easy to use, great results. The car really deserves to look spotless so she can look her best !

Thoroughly recommend the range – no nonsense for a ‘concours’ finish !

Adam Mather