The Scamander



Peter Wheeler, most famously known for his work at TVR, the third largest specialist sports car manufacturer in the world, had commenced the planning of a rapid response vehicle a few years before he sold the TVR company. However, he felt it did not fit into the TVR style range and it was not until he sold the sports car company that he began to design and build the concept prototype. The Scamander was to be Peter’s final and most eccentric project.

The concept was born out of Peter’s own requirements for a quick road car which could easily tackle off road conditions and with amphibious ability – basically to get him around his estate. Having developed a passion for sailing, Peter had also toyed with the idea of such a vehicle being used as a tender (quite smart to drive down the jetty and off to your awaiting boat!). It would be equally at home on the road heading through the mud or in the water. Peter was insistent the Scamander was to power itself through water and so the design team trialed several madcap designs, none of which proved successful. Eventually an impeller from a jet ski was engineered onto the back of the gearbox.

The Scamander would lend itself to several potential markets. It has been designed on a modular basis and can be altered both in cabin and in the rear cab to suit a number of scenarios in terms of use. It has already been suggested that there are potential markets for emergency, military or purely leisure requirements.

The Scamander is a registered trade mark and has EU design rights for a significant number of its unique features. In addition a US design application has been processed for the whole vehicle.

Now the Scamander is cleaned, polished and maintained by using a range of products from the Auto Finish portfolio for both the interior and exterior needs.