Auto Finish Mini Valet Kit Contains the following:


125ml Auto Finish Advanced Wash & Wax

Super strength car shampoo, provides a long lasting shine.  Contains ‘water dance’ technology.  Effortlessly removes traffic film and dirt, guaranteeing a high gloss, streak free finish every time, leaving your paintwork squeaky clean.

    • Contains innovative water beading technology that instantly repels water on contact.
    • It makes water dance!



125ml Auto Finish Advanced Resin Polish

Ultimate protection and shine.  The nourishing formula restores a tough mirror finish showroom shine back to your car, wash after wash – time after time.
Not only enhancing the colour and depth of shine, but provides long lasting protection to paintwork.  Apply Auto Finish Mirror Gloss Sealant to lock in the shine
and add ultimate protection to your paintwork.

  • No other car polish shines like it or lasts like it.
  • Suitable For all paintwork finishes.



125ml Auto Finish Mirror Gloss Sealant

Locks in the shine.  Proven paintwork protection for up to 12 months.  Unique Nanomeric polymer resin formula bonds to paintwork, creating a totally smooth surface to repel dirt, water & sunlight.  The revolutionary clear formula seals the surface to prevent fading or oxidising & protects against surface damage and scratches.

  • Leaves no white residue.
  • Seals in a long lasting, lustrous showroom shine.


125ml Auto Finish Rapid Wheel Cleaner

Super alloy wheel cleaner, cuts through dirt, grease & brake dust instantly.  Used by the professionals as it is quick, effective and delivers outstanding results.

  • Suitable for use on lacquered wheels, painted steel wheels and plastic wheel trims.
  • Simple brush on –hose off formula.



Kit also contains:

Auto Finish Best of British Carded Air Freshener

Wheel Brush

Microfibre Cloth

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