Tetrosyl was established by Clifford Schofield in 1954 to serve the needs of bodyshops with the first ever mobile paint mixing scheme.

The CarPlan brand was created in 1961 as the umbrella brand for Tetrosyl’s entrance into the retail car care market.  The range was launched with the iconic chequered plate logo.

CarPlan is the umbrella brand within the Tetrosyl portfolio and the range encompasses all aspects of car care cleaning and maintenance. CarPlan products have the widest range of automotive aftermarket products in Europe.  CarPlan is the most proactive brand in car care and we ensure innovation is at the forefront of all our activity.  Research and development is vital to CarPlan to ensure our products meet the demands of our customers and stay ahead of the market.

Auto Finish launched in 1992 under the CarPlan brand.  A comprehensive range of premium valeting products, Auto Finish is the ultimate finishing system.  Specially formulated to preserve the best traditions of car cleaning incorporating the latest technological advances to produce the finest vehicle finishing range of products ever made, giving brilliant results, outstanding protection with the minimum of effort.

The 1992 launch of CarPlan Auto Finish consisted of the following market leading, innovative products:

Auto Finish Advanced Resin Polish Car Wax

The tough mirror finish brilliance of Auto Finish Resin Polish not only enhances the colour and depth of shine, but ensures long term outstanding protection to paintwork.  The technically advanced durability of Auto Finish brings a rich showroom shine back to your car, wash after wash – time after time.  No other car polish shines like it or lasts like it.

Auto Finish Concentrated Bodywork Shampoo & Paintwork Conditioner Wax Enriched

Wax enriched Auto Finish Bodywork Shampoo deep cleans your car, and conditions paintwork by leaving a tough durable film to maximise long term shine and repel water, road film and dirt.  Over 30 washes per pack due to the concentrated formula, one bottle makes 300 litres of bodywork shampoo, providing 50% more car washes per pack than known conventional car shampoo brands.

Auto Finish Car Glass Polish Perfect Vision Inside and Out

Dual action formula.  Firstly, Auto Finish Car Glass Polish contains specially selected emulsifiers and solvents which react with and loosen contaminants (especially baked on insect deposits).  Secondly, when dry, the fusion of differing ultra-fine minerals within the cleaning medium of the polish, provides complete cleaning by buffing away and polishing the surface to a crystal clear finish.  Perfect vision inside and out.

Auto Finish Exterior Trim & Dashboard Polish Protects and Beautifies PVC-Plastic-Leather-Vinyl

The unique Auto Finish formula loosens dirt and grime, enabling the special blend of protective polymers and gloss enhancers to seal onto the surface, producing a brilliant long lasting shine.  Especially effective on textured mouldings and synthetic leather look dashboards where dirt, grease and old polish residues lock into the textured surface proving difficult to clean with conventional products.

The first range of Auto Finish products was recommended by the following:

TVR Sports Cars and Racing Cars

MG Owners Club

Jaguar Drivers Club